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Our transformative technology works across the banking ecosystem to meet your specific needs. 

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All treasury needs

Cash and savings accounts, client treasury optimization and overdrafts monitoring

Payments management

Secured and on-time payments, whatever mean or needed protocol

Extensive financing

Various types of loans and credit facilities, enhanced credit risk evaluation

International regulation

European analytical credit reporting, CAD/Basel III, IFRS, National/EBA/SRB

A flexible and cost-effective platform

Answering the needs of all your clients, whether they be commercial professionals and SMEs or larger corporate companies.

  • Component-based

    Benefit from a tailored suite of applications, including clients account management, specialized payments system, proven loan servicing and collection management, and risk and regulatory dedicated components.

  • Multi-management

    A future-proof solution with multi-capability features, including multi-company, multi-organization, multi-currency and multi-country.

  • Robust account management

    Answering all your clients’ requests, from multi-account management, to overdrafts conditions and follow-up, to savings accounts.

  • Broad financing capabilities

    Redeemable loans – such as multi-beneficiary, multi-payer, holiday periods and possible multiple repayment periods – credit lines with contractual as well as internal limits, syndicated loans, seasonal loans and trade finance.

  • Scalable payments management

    Covers payment initiation, execution and reporting. Adapted to any kind of intraday cut off or validations within the payment process.

  • National & international reporting

    Manage multiple regulations and stay up-to-date as regulation evolves. Speed your ability to maintain even complex regulatory requirements.

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Multi-currency treasury

Cash accounts with overdrafts conditions, notice accounts, payment accounts, notional and physical cash pooling, savings products and accounts statements.

Extensive payment engine

Manage any step of the payments value chain – including initiation, execution and reporting – with any payment method, protocol, cut-off or instant payment context, or volume.

Broad financing scope

From simple redeemable loans to complex credit lines supporting multiple sub-limits in different credit types and currencies. Also provides specialized features on corporate credit risk evaluation.

Corporate risk and regulation

Covers more than 50 regulations and allows simplified collaborative interaction between the bank and the supervisors. Locally and globally.