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Make the most of instant payments

Choose a powerful and cost-effective system to offer secure real-time payments and improve domestic & cross-border reachability.

Patrice Galy, CEO of Transactis

«Building a software solution and an Instant Payment Platform for four different banks – Société Générale, La Banque Postale, Boursorama and Crédit du Nord – in 18 months was an incredible challenge we were able to take up thanks to our strong and reliable partnership with Sopra Banking Software.»

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Fast implementation

Reduce time to market
Proven go-live in 3 months

Proven scalability

Grow your volumes hassle-free and propose innovative use cases

One stop shop

Cover E2E payments value chain including fraud management

A la carte delivery

Choose what suits you best
On-premise or hosted model

Leading and robust

Processing 400k transactions daily
Serving 30 million end users

Compatible w/ multiple CSMs

Increase your reachability across Europe and Africa

AI/ML: preventing payment fraud

Leverage advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to fight all types of fraud patterns in instant payments. Our whitebox approach to AI ensures that the system is transparent and easy to configure by a non-technical business user.

Tackle instant payments now with us

Do you worry about implementation costs and complexity? With our business and technical know-how on your team, there’s nothing to fear.

Our fully compliant and modular Instant Payments solution means you can provide your customers with more added value and innovation. Proven solution live in multiple European countries, ready to move beyond to Africa. Delivered through various delivery modes to serve 30 million end users.

Ready for the future

Implement our solution without worrying about scalability or adoption of future use cases. With our future-proof solution you can easily scale your volumes and implement potential use cases such as Request-to-Pay to better serve your corporate and retail customers as instant payments market matures.

How we leverage AI to tackle fraud in Instant Payments?

Financial institutions need to quickly adapt to shifting threats so that real-time payments do not invite real-time fraud.

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Frequently asked questions
Does SBS have experience with CSMs?

Yes. We have extensive experience collaborating directly with CSMs. We work with several partner banks in Belgium to provide a mutualized connection to interbank systems as well as the hosting for the clearing solution.

Is SBS ready for European reachability?

Yes. We’re able to provide a direct connection to pan-European TIPS from BCE or an indirect connection to TIPS through other CSMs.

What are the Instant Payment use cases currently deployed?

Our solution provides the flexibility and scalability to meet numerous use cases for both individuals or corporates in various contexts — for instance, P2P, C2B, B2C (e.g., pay employees’ salaries), or B2B (e.g., pay suppliers).

Is it necessary to buy the complete Instant Payment solution, even if I only want to use the connection to CSM?

No. Our component approach allows customers to use one component independently from the others. For example, Instant Payment Clearing Exchange (IPCE) can be implemented as a stand-alone component to manage connectivity to Instant Payment interbank networks.

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