Digital Customer Engagement

Innovative, digital journeys, just as unique as your customers 

Each customer is different. Attract and retain them. Our data-driven solutions provide personalized products and experiences.

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Anytime, anywhere, any device

CRM & core banking agnostic

Connect any, or many

Flexible deployment

As-a-service, Cloud, on-premise

Customer data-driven

Insights and analytics


Security by design

Frictionless processes

E-signature, ID scan & capture

Complete customer lifecycle management

Leverage customer data and propose customized offers at the right time, through the proper channel.

  • Boost acquisition

    Convert customers in less that 3 min. with quick, KYC-AML – compliant on-boarding. Build a fully automated, seamless process, tailored to each user.

  • Provide unique experiences

    Push the right offer at the right time, via the best channel. Use customer data and insights to create segment-specific offers.

  • Accelerate time-to-market

    Customize offers in days. Access a centralized product catalog, and bundle partner products and services together with your own. Expand the range of options for your customers.

  • Design cross-channel banking

    Reduce customer churn with 24/7 accessibility on mobile, web, and tablet. Link all touchpoints to ensure continuity and quality of experience.

  • Protect customers’ data

    We take care of GDPR compliance, including sophisticated management capabilities. Get insights into customer behavior while remaining fully compliant.

  • Lower cost-to-income

    Choose how to deploy: cloud, hybrid or on-premise. Boost efficiency and easily cope with fluctuating customer usage.

Omnichannel Digital Banking

Engage with customer across channels to ensure the best possible customer experience. Create cross-channel customer journeys on mobile, desktop, tablet, ATM, in-branch, agency (branchless) and WhatsApp.

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Customer onboarding

Convert prospects into customers in less than 3 minutes. Provide quick and easy onboarding with flexible, ready-to-connect AML – KYC compliant processes, enhanced by smart identity authentication & verification. Ensure a great customer experience right from the start.

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Personalized offers

From your own segment-specific products & services to complex partner bundles, launch offers through the right channel, at the right time.

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We have all the answers you need
Frequently asked questions
What exactly is “customer engagement” in banking?

Customer engagement is the ongoing interaction between a bank and its customers. These relationship-building interactions, which occur across channels, foster customer loyalty and trust. Customer experience is at the heart of it all — today’s digital customers have high expectations when it comes to the interactions and experiences they have with their bank; they expect a smooth, personalized experience. To provide this, banks need to have a deep understanding of their customers. These insights can then be used to provide experiences that encourage engagement throughout the customer journey, allowing the bank to propose the right message, on the right channel, at the right time. This helps banks to boost acquisition, improve customer satisfaction, increase product sales, and retain customers.

We would like to expand our range of product and service offers. Is there a way to quickly and easily bundle our own products and services with those of our partners? Is it possible to manage this all in one place?

Yes. SBS’s Offer Management is particularly appealing to banks experiencing issues such as a lack of agility in product and pricing personalization, difficulty managing and selling partner products and services, a long time-to-market new products, or inefficient marketing operations.

Offer Management helps banks create tailored offers to meet specific customer needs. It provides a system to centralize and manage a bank’s products and services, as well as those coming from their partners. Banks can customize products and services based on profile, price, duration or channel. These can then be sold separately or as neatly packaged bundles.

How can your solution help us reduce our onboarding time to 3 minutes or less?

The Customer Onboarding module allows you to shape the process for your specific customer onboarding flow; it contains all the services and tools to create a digitized and frictionless customer onboarding process with optimal conversion rates. In terms of functional services, in addition to the processing engine, you can choose to activate facial ID recognition, e-signature, document upload/OCR, a chat bot for customer service, 2-step verification, and anti-fraud tools. These functionalities – which are all offered out- of-the-box, via a partner or our Platform – support a quick, frictionless onboarding process.

Is onboarding just about converting customers?

Onboarding is not just about pushing customers through to the end of the signup process. The onboarding process is key as it sets the scene for the entire customer journey, and the relationship a customer will have with their bank. Customer Onboarding allows banks to adapt the onboarding process based on customer profile and products purchased. But onboarding is just the initial step. The ultimate objective is to follow customers throughout their journey, gaining their trust, loyalty and satisfaction; all while securing digital cross-sells and upsells along the way.

Can we purchase a mobile banking app?

Yes, SBS can provide a native mobile frontend or presentation layer. This white-labeled mobile app can be designed together with marketing or design teams. The apps for iOS and Android are natively integrated into our Digital Banking Engagement Platform.

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